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Truck Tarpaulin - Transportation Tarpaulin

Truck Tarpaulin in Thoothukudi

Truck Tarpaulin – Transportation Tarpaulin, There are many Truck Tarpaulin Manufacturers in Thoothukudi, but when it comes to the best among them all Nellai Tarpaulin always tops the list. We are the best tarpaulin manufacturer & Supplier in Thoothukudi, As the best tarpaulin manufacturer & Supplier in Thoothukudi, Nellai Tarpaulin uses the most advanced technology and equally advanced equipment to come up with such great quality tarps.

This commitment and dedicated production process has propelled them to become the leading tarpaulin manufacturer & Supplier not only in Thoothukudi.

Truck Tarpaulin – Transportation Tarpaulin

If you have a trailer or pick-up truck you may not have a cover but may want to transport some building materials or something that you don’t want getting wet.

You may also need to keep something out of direct sunlight and its damaging U.V rays
Using Nellai tarpaulin has you covered. It’s an easy solution to keeping an open trailer or pick-up truck tail dry and protected.

Tarpaulins are not only waterproof but are U.V treated to provide U.V protection to materials or stuff underneath. Our tarps also feature eyelets to make attaching to trailers or pick-up trucks a doddle.

Truck Tarpaulin in Thoothukudi
Truck Tarpaulin in Thoothukudi

Truck Tarpaulin Size & Price List

270 GSM
21×18 Feet2,9993,200
21×20 Feet3,3703,570
24×18 Feet3,4503,672
27×24 Feet5,1995,500
30×18 Feet4,3204,590
30×24 Feet5,7996,120
30×27 Feet6,4996,885
36×30 Feet8,6999,180
40×30 Feet9,59910,200
40×40 Feet12,79913,600
50×40 Feet15,99917,000
50×50 Feet19,99921,250
Truck Tarpaulin in Thoothukudi

Our tarpaulin comes in all sizes and colors.

We have the largest selection of truck tarpaulins.

Custom sizes can be made to order.

Nellai Tarpaulin also supplies a range of camping tarps, roof tarps, hay tarps, builders tarp sheets (sizes in feet)

Other Types of Tarps include:

HDPE tarp, Canvas Tarps, Clear PVC Tarps & Curtains, Drain Tarps – Leak Diverter Tarps, Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps, Lumber Tarps, Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps, Polyethylene Sheeting, Polyethylene Tarps, Refuse Transfer Trailer Tarps, Roofers Tear-Off Tarps, Salvage Covers – Tarps, Steel Tarps, Temper Tent Tarps – Flame Retardant Tarps, Vinyl Tarps.

Other uses for Tarpaulins



We are a leading Manufacturer & supplier of HDPE Poly Tarpaulins, Heavy-Duty Truck Tarpaulins, Multy-Layer Tarpaulins, Silpaulin Tarpaulins, Cross Laminated Tarpaulins, Canvas Tarpaulins, Cotton Tarpaulins, Pond Liners, Rain Poncho, Rain Coat, Car Covers, and Bike Covers.

Our goals are to provide our customers with high-quality products and reliable service and support and to become the first and preferred supplier of quality commercial products.

Why choose us?

  • Professional service for products
  • Much more competitive price
  • Honest and excellent supplier
  • Delivery time is shorter than others.

Need a Truck Tarpaulin? Do you wish to have high-quality tarpaulins for your job? Looking for dealers who can offer you the right tarp for your specific needs? If you still need more info just give our knowledgeable call center staff a call at +91 63810 13451 and they will be happy to help.


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  1. Very satisfied with the truck tarps. We are glad to have the relationship.

  2. Jeff Carbine

    I never took into account the fact that you may not have a cover on your trailer or pick-up truck, but you may need to transport building supplies or other items that don’t want to get wet. I remember when I was a college student I was proudly answering the question but now I realize it was different. Thank you for helping me understand the right information about truck tarpaulins.

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