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Tarpaulin Sizes - Waterproof Tarpaulin | Tarpaulin Sheet

Tarpaulin Size – Waterproof Tarpaulin | HDPE Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin Size – Waterproof Tarpaulin | HDPE Tarpaulin from Nellai Tarpaulin

A tarpaulin or tarp is a large sheet of waterproof cloth. Tarps are used for temporary shelter and to cover items being stored outdoors. They are also sometimes used to cover the back of a pickup truck and protect a load. Traditionally, tarps were made of cotton canvas, but modern tarps are often PVC or some kind of poly material. Canvas has the disadvantage of tending to rot, while plastic is often easier to tear. Some tarps are made of nylon mesh. These are used to provide shade rather than protection from the rain.

Most modern tarps are designed to be fire retardant. Needless to say, the cloth or plastic used varies in weight. Heavy-duty tarps may be used to cover vehicles. Other uses for heavy-duty cloth include protecting construction sites. An awning is attached to a building and generally used to provide shade or protection for an outdoor room or area. Sidewalk cafes often have awnings. Tarps come in a variety of colors.

1. Product Information

Product Type:Tarpaulin
Material:100% PE, HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated on both sides
Colour:Blue/Orange/Silver/Black, or as per customer request
Density:120GSM-760GSM (gram/square meter)
Decoration:1. High tear Resistant
2. Waterproof – 100% Guaranteed
3. Anti-aging
4, UV- Stabilization – UV Protection properties optional
Packing:Packed on paper tubes wrapped in the same color tarpaulin sheet, Each piece put in a polybag with one paper label insert several pieces packed in bale made of the same material tarpaulin sheet a bale, print shipping mark on each bale
Application:1) PE Tarpaulin is widely used for truck cover, ship cover, ground cover, luggage cover, and cargo storage or transportation in mineral factories and ports, and hundreds more use.
2) PE Tarpaulin can be used as tents outside, travel, and calamities.
3) PE Tarpaulin is to cover and protect the goods in the open air.
Tarpaulin Size – Waterproof Tarpaulin | HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet

2. Tarpaulin Sizes – 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet

9×6 Feet120 GSM0.74026.19×6 Feet170 GSM0.93027.19×6 Feet250 GSM1.33039.1
12×9 Feet120 GSM1.32532.612×9 Feet170 GSM1.82036.112×9 Feet250 GSM2.61539.1
15×12 Feet120 GSM2.11531.415×12 Feet170 GSM2.81234.115×12 Feet250 GSM4.21041.8
18×12 Feet120 GSM2.41228.918×12 Feet170 GSM3.41034.118×12 Feet250 GSM5.0840.1
18×15 Feet120 GSM3.01030.118×15 Feet170 GSM4.3834.118×15 Feet250 GSM6.3743.9
21×18 Feet120 GSM4.2833.721×18 Feet170 GSM6.0635.821×18 Feet250 GSM8.8543.9
21×20 Feet120 GSM4.7837.521×20 Feet170 GSM6.6639.821×20 Feet250 GSM9.8548.8
24×18 Feet120 GSM4.8733.724×18 Feet170 GSM6.8534.124×18 Feet250 GSM10.0440.1
27×24 Feet120 GSM7.2428.927×24 Feet170 GSM10.2330.727×24 Feet250 GSM15.1345.2
30×18 Feet120 GSM6.0530.130×18 Feet170 GSM8.5434.130×18 Feet250 GSM12.5337.6
30×24 Feet120 GSM8.0324.130×24 Feet170 GSM11.4334.130×24 Feet250 GSM16.7233.4
30×27 Feet120 GSM9.0327.130×27 Feet170 GSM12.8225.630×27 Feet250 GSM18.8237.6
36×30 Feet120 GSM12.0224.136×30 Feet170 GSM17.1234.136×30 Feet250 GSM25.1125.1
40×30 Feet120 GSM13.4226.840×30 Feet170 GSM19.0237.940×30 Feet250 GSM27.9127.9
40×40 Feet120 GSM17.8235.740×40 Feet170 GSM25.3125.340×40 Feet250 GSM37.2137.2
50×40 Feet120 GSM22.3122.350×40 Feet170 GSM31.6131.650×40 Feet250 GSM46.5146.5
50×50 Feet120 GSM27.9127.950×50 Feet170 GSM39.5139.550×50 Feet250 GSM58.1158.1
Our tarps come in all different sizes and shapes.  You can order one of our standard sizes or have us create a custom tarp for your needs
Tarpaulin Size – Waterproof Tarpaulin | HDPE Tarpaulin

Common Tarpaulin Types by Purpose:

  • Fence tarpaulins are usually seen on construction sites
  • Flame retardant tarpaulins are treated tarpaulins to resist fire or at least slow it down
  • Insulated tarpaulins are manufactured as insulation against extreme temperatures
  • Pool tarpaulins are pool covers that are totally waterproof to keep leaves and other debris out of the pool
  • Sports tarpaulins are extra-large tarps used to cover playing fields to protection against harsh environmental elements
  • UV protected tarpaulins are UV-treated to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays

Other Types of Tarps include:

HDPE tarp, Canvas Tarps, Clear PVC Tarps & Curtains, Drain Tarps – Leak Diverter Tarps, Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps, Lumber Tarps, Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps, Polyethylene Sheeting, Polyethylene Tarps, Refuse Transfer Trailer Tarps, Roofers Tear-Off Tarps, Salvage Covers – Tarps, Steel Tarps, Temper Tent Tarps – Flame Retardant Tarps, Vinyl Tarps.

Tarpaulin Size – Waterproof Tarpaulin | HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet

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  • Competitive and resonable price
  • Steady product quality, strict quality control
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  • Professional staffs for your enquiry and problem.

Product Related FAQ

Q1. Are all tarpaulin fire retardant?

No, not all tarps or covers are fire retardant. Please make sure to check each product specification to make sure we state “FR” or “Fire Retardant” within the product specs.

Q2. What does rope reinforced mean?

When a tarp states that it is rope reinforced, it means that there is a rope that is placed inside the hems of the tarp. This adds strength to the tarp’s edge.

Q3. Are all tarpaulin water resistant?

No, please check the specifications for each tarp. All poly tarps and vinyl tarps are water-resistant but mesh tarps and other shade or covers are not water-resistant.

Q4. Which tarpaulin should I buy?

Tarps should always be purchased with the application in mind. Will you use your tarp indoors or outdoors? Will your tarp be exposed to the elements? How long do you want your tarp to last? Do you have a specific color in mind? All of these questions will come into play when choosing the tarp that fits your needs.

Q5. What is the difference between water resistant tarps and waterproof tarps?

Water-resistant tarps can withstand the entry of water into the fabric for a short period of time while waterproof tarps offer complete protection from water or moisture.

Q6. Difference between cut and finish size?

Cut-size is the dimension of the fabric before its hem and seam are sewn. The tarps that we manufacture & sell would be 2 inches shorter than the cut size. The finished size is the actual size that you will receive. We will always mention whether your tarp will be cut or finished size.

Q7. How long do tarps last?

The longevity of your tarp will depend on the material and how the tarp is being used. Our expert sales team can ensure you choose the right tarp for your application.

Q8. I want to talk to a sales person, who can I call?

Our tarp experts are readily available to take your call. Please call us at 06381013451, email us at, or use the chat feature.

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