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120 GSM Tarpaulin Price - PE Tarpaulin Sheet

120 GSM Tarpaulin Price – PE Tarpaulin Sheet

120 GSM Tarpaulin Price – PE Tarpaulin Sheet

Nellai Tarpaulin is a leading provider for all your Tarp needs such as Waterproof Roof Tarpaulin, Camping Tarpaulin, Boat Tarpaulin, Hay covers, and cricket ground Tarpaulin. We have the best Quality Tarpaulin for sale.

Our range of HDPE Tarpaulin & PE Tarpaulin is weather-resistant, waterproof resistant, and lightweight, easy to handle.

120 GSM Tarpaulin Price

9 x 6 Feet₹220
12 x 9 Feet₹330
15 x 12 Feet₹540
18 x 12 Feet₹650
18 x 15 Feet₹810
21 x 18 Feet₹1,130
21 x 20 Feet₹1,260
24 x 18 Feet₹1,290
27 x 24 Feet₹1,950
30 x 18 Feet₹1,620
30 x 24 Feet₹2,160
30 x 27 Feet₹2,430
36 x 30 Feet₹3,240
40 x 30 Feet₹3,600
40 x 40 Feet₹4,800
50 x 50 Feet₹7,500
60 x 60 Feet₹10,800

Features ⬇

  1. High temperature seamless stitching adopts advanced technology, high-temperature seamless splicing, no water leakage, no pinhole, more film.
  2. Double-sided waterproof Both sides are made of Plastic, double-sided waterproof coating, better waterproof and firmer.
  3. Polyethylene material Wear-resistant and anti-corrosive, the tarpaulin passes the 10,000 actual friction test, the surface adhesive layer is damaged, and the back surface is not worn.
  4. Weaving fine Anti-oxidation material, durable anti-sun, high-temperature resistance, long life, widely used in membrane structure parking shed/container tarpaulin/High-end car shed/home garden rainproof, etc.
Tarpaulin Application
Application Field
IndustrialCovers for general use, scaffoldings in construction sites, underground sheets, covers for trucks, cars, boats, containers, warning tapes, covers for materials, roofs, road repair sites, fences
AgriculturalCovers for timber, hay, cotton, and all kinds of crops covers for drying crops
Home/Garden use(D.I.Y)Covers for timber, hay, cotton, and all kinds of crops covers for drying crops
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Temproary Protective Covers ⬇

  • Patio Furniture and Picnic Table
  • Barbecue Grill
  • Auto, Truck and Motorcycle
  • Tools and Equipments
  • Air Conditioners
  • Firewood
  • Lawn, Garden, Construction and Repair

What is the difference between 120 GSM, 150 GSM, 170 GSM?

“Gsm” means “Gram per Square Metre”. When the gsm figure is larger, it means the product is thicker. PE tarpaulin thickness is unstable due to the characteristic of weave products, industry suggests using weight (gsm) as a criterion to measure and compare.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive and resonable price
  • Steady product quality, strict quality control
  • Reply your enquiry in 24 working hours ,any time you can contact us.
  • Delivery promoptly , good after sale
  • We offer a full line of standerd size wholesale Home & Garden Tarps and Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Tarps
  • Professional staffs for your enquiry and problem.

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  1. Immadi mangamohan

    Hdpe120gsm 12×18 how much price

    1. 3rs per square feet

  2. Vemuri kameswara rao

    120gsm40..40tarpalin dhara
    120gsm.50..50tarpalin dhara
    Tadepalligudem dealer name phone no

  3. Sir I want water proof tarpaulin.siz.50/40 ft. Please Sher me ditels

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