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Tarpaulins FAQs

Tarpaulins FAQs

When you shop for your tarps, do you ask these questions all the time?

  1. Which tarp should I buy?
  2. Which tarps are best for my particular needs?
  3. How do different tarps compare to one another?
  4. How would the tarp perform?
  5. How can I best take care of and tarps?
  6. What size do I need?

Nellai Tarpaulin is here to help answer your questions and help you with your selection of tarps. Nellai Tarpaulin brings you thousands of top quality tarps at great low prices. With knowledge of which tarp is best for your situation, you are sure to find products that are best for you.

In general, when you shop for tarps, you get what you paid for. In general poly tarps are the least expensive. Canvas, vinyl, nylon and neoprene covers and tarps are more expensive, while having better quality and performances.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We will be glad to help you.

Tarpaulins FAQs

1. What is Tarpaulin Sheet?

Tarpaulin is a flexible and waterproof sheet made of strong materials such as polyester, canvas, plastic, H.D.P.E, and many other materials. Tarpaulin Sheet is typically used for protecting goods from environmental factors such as dust or dirt and rain while loading and unloading cargo.

2. Are all the tarps basically the same?

No. Different tarps have huge performance and differences. Generally you get what you paid for when you shop for tarps and covers. Please see the tarps comparison above for differences among different tarps.

3. What is cut size?

Cut size is the size of the fabric when the fabric is cut and before the final cover or tarp is made. When the hems of fabric are folded and stitched and seams are sewn, the finished cover or tarp is slightly smaller than the actual cut size. Cut size is one of the tarp industry standard measurement used in India.

4. What is finished size?

For covers and tarps, finished size is the size of the actual finished cover and tarp. Finished size is one of the tarp industry standard measurement used in India.


5. What is mil?

A mil is a unit of length equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 mm). Mil is used to measure the thickness of tarps. Normally, the thicker a tarp is, the better quality.


6. What is Denier?

Denier is a unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibers. It is defined as the mass in grams per 9,000 meters, or 1 denier = 1 gram per 9 000 meters. Normally the higher the denier count, the higher quality of the tarp’s fabric mesh.


7. Can Nellai Tarpaulin rush my order?

Yes, in some cases, although Nellai Tarpaulin does not guarantee any ship date or delivery date.


8. What is your return and exchange policy?

The product must be returned to us within 7 days on receipt of the product at our site with valid reason of non acceptance.

You must return items:

  • with both products and all packaging in their original condition.
  • securely wrapped.
  • including our delivery slip.
  • at your risk and cost.

9. Is there a warranty or guarantee of your covers and tarps?

No. There is no warranty or guarantee of covers and tarps. Nellai Tarpaulin strive to provide quality products at great prices. However, due to wide variety of environments and applications covers and tarps are used, there is no warranty or guarantee.


10. Are custom tarps returnable or refundable?

No. Custom tarps are not returnable or refundable unless Nellai Tarpaulin make material mistake in manufacturing the covers or tarps. Please see our return policy page for more info.


11. Are all tarps fire retardant?

No, not all tarps or covers are fire retardant. Please make sure to check each product specification to make sure we state “FR” or “Fire Retardant” within the product specs.

12. What is the difference between water-resistant tarps and waterproof tarps?

Water-resistant tarps can withstand the entry of water into the fabric for a short period of time while waterproof tarps offer complete protection from water or moisture.

13. Can i glue the tarp?

Yes, you can.

But that’s not the best way, you can use hot air gun or high-frequency welding equipment to weld tarpaulin.

Tarpaulins FAQs

Poly Tarps

Q1. What is a poly tarp?

A poly tarp is tarp made from polyethylene fabric. Most poly tarp fabrics are cross woven reinforced and coated for waterproofing and UV resistance.

Q2. What's the cheapest poly tarp?

Blue poly tarp is the cheap or inexpensive poly tarp. Blue poly tarp is also the most popular poly tarp and is widely used in construction, roofing and outdoor covers.

Q3. What's the largest poly tarp size?

Nellai Tarpaulin has large tarps including 100’x100′ blue poly tarp, 100’x100′ heavy duty black poly tarp, 100’x100′ silver brown tarp. We also make custom poly tarps of many large sizes. For a quote of custom large poly tarps, please call at +91-63810-13451

Q4. What's the smallest poly tarp size?

Nellai Tarpaulin has 9’x6′ feet as the smallest size in most poly tarp categories. If you do not see size you need, please contact to order a custom poly tarp.

Q5. What color poly tarps are available?

Nellai Tarpaulin has poly tarps in following colors.

  • blue poly tarp
  • orange poly tarp
  • silver poly tarp
  • black poly tarp
  • orange blue poly tarps – poly tarp one side orange, the other side blue

NOTE: Custom tarps may not be available in all colors.

Q6. Can I use poly tarps as truck tarps?

No. Poly tarps are not recommended as truck tarps or trailer tarps. Quality truck tarps and trailer tarps are typically made from 18 oz vinyl coated polyester, i.e., vinyl tarps.

Q7. How long does a poly tarp last?

It depends the area and quality of tarp

Q8. Is poly tarp stronger or weaker than canvas tarp?

Not necessarily. Heavy duty poly tarps are usually stronger than canvas tarps, although heavy duty poly tarps have lighter weight than canvas tarps.

Q9. Are your poly tarps UV resistant?

Yes, our poly tarps have UV treatment built into the poly tarp fabrics for better poly tarp performance.

Q10. Do you make custom poly tarps?

Yes, make custom size poly tarps. Please call Nellai Tarpaulin at +91-63810-13451 to order your custom size poly tarps.

Q11. Are poly tarps storm or hurricane proof?

Poly tarps are not storm or hurricane proof. Strong wind gusts, storms or hurricanes can tear, blow away or significantly damage your poly tarps.

Q12. How can I recycle poly tarps?

Poly tarps are made from polyethylene and can be recycled just like plastic milk jars or plastic bottles. For more information, please contact your local recycle stations, county waste management or your waste management companies.


Q13. Why is my poly tarp a few inches smaller than the size specified?

It is likely the tarp received is cut-size. Cut size is size of the fabric. When tarp is made, after the edges are folded and seams heat sealed, the final tarp’s size is slightly smaller than the fabric size, or cut size. Cut size is one of the tarp industry standard measurement in India. NellaiTarpaulin’s product description specifies whether a product is cut-size or finished-size, if applicable. A finished size tarp’s actual size is usually within 5 – 6 inches of its nominal dimensions.


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