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Car Covers FAQs

Q1. What if I can’t find my vehicle on your website?

If you cannot find your vehicle on our website, please utilize our contact us form or call (+91 63810 13451) with your make, model, year, and body type. We will use the information you provide to locate the perfect Car Covers for your vehicle. We will also add the cover to the website for future customers!

Q2. Are car covers good for the winter?

Yes. our car cover can protect you from snow, sleet, hail, and freezing temperatures.

Q3. How do I cancel my order?

Fortunately, we will work with you to cancel or make changes to your order. To make an urgent order change or cancellation, please call us immediately.

Please note: orders can be canceled up until 10:00 pm Monday-Saturday.

Q4. Do car cover scratch paint?

No – all our car covers are made from an anti-scratch material, our aim is to protect your car not cause any damage! It is recommended that car covers are always placed on a clean car, dirt and dust can damage the paintwork.

Q5. Are our car covers safe?

Yes, Car covers are very safe. They’re lightweight, easy to use and provide protection for your vehicle.

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