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HDPE Pond Liner | 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin- Nellai Tarpaulins

HDPE Pond Liner – 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin

HDPE Pond Liner – 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin, Our pond liner is also called HDPE woven fabric pond liner, like a waterproof geomembrane, but our pond lining is of 3 layers, inner HDPE woven fabric, and LDPE laminated on both sides. Inner reinforced HDPE woven fabric offer excellent strength, and both sides’ lamination makes it impermeable.

Our tarpaulin is made of 100% virgin PE material with anti-UV agents, so it can protect against the ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging our pond lining.

It is ideal for the retention of liquids.

100% virgin HDPE woven fabric inside with both sides LDPE lamination with UV stabilizer

HDPE Pond Liner | 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin
High-quality HDPE Pond Liner
BrandNellai Tarpaulin
Weight – GSM120 GSM, 180 GSM, 225 GSM, 250 GSM, 270 GSM, and 490 GSM
Thickness0.15mm to 0.40mm
Feature– Anti-leakage
– Cost-effective
– Anti-aging and UV stabilized
ApplicationPond liner, fish farming, minefield construction site, and more!


  • Widely used for fish farms, shrimp farms, etc in aquaculture
  • Long lifespan is a woven fabric membrane, usually used for salt fields, with high anti-UV and high anti-corrosion.
  • lotus root planting. Any big size can be customized.

Production Process:

HDPE Pond Liner – 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin

Projects Case:

HDPE Pond Liner – 100% Waterproof Tarpaulin

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Frequently Asked Questions::

1. How deep should a pond be?

As a general rule of thumb, a pond should be 60cm (2ft) deep if you want plants and fish in it. Water that’s too shallow is vulnerable to evaporating in warm weather and freezing in winter.

2. Will tree roots grow through pond liner?

Yes, tree roots can and will eventually grow through your pond liner if given a chance.

3. Do you have PVC or Canvas tarps?

No – we only stock the highest quality polyethylene tarps. Not only have we found these to be the best ‘bang for your buck’ they also are MUCH lighter than the alternative which makes their application much safer

4. What is the thickest tarpaulin?

Some Poly Tarps are as thick as 24 mils, Canvas Tarps 30 mils, Hypalon Nylon Tarps 35 mils, and Vinyl Tarps up to 50 mils

5. What is our normal thickness?


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