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Camping Tarp | Uses For Tarpaulin

Camping Tarp – Uses For Tarpaulin

Camping Tarp – Uses For Tarpaulin, Tarpaulin has many incredible uses. Our Nellai Tarpaulin is heavy-duty, waterproof, and high quality… there are so many fantastic uses for these tarps.

We LOVE camping. Being one with nature, cooking over a fire, away from technology. it’s perfect
 as long as it doesn’t rain.
In my experience when a tent says “Waterproof”, it doesn’t always mean waterproof. Water always finds a way to get in and before you know it you have wet socks and you’re shivering in your sleeping bag wishing you were watching cat videos on YouTube, at home with the heating on.
Well, with proper precautions you can have a dry tent even with it’s raining.

Simply use a piece of tarpaulin as a shelter. Using bungees or rope tie the tarp to some trees above your tent. Alternatively, drape and peg down the tarp over your tent for an added layer of waterproof protection.

Camping and Survival Uses

A tarpaulin can be used in survival situations to do a large range of practical things such as:

  • Collecting rainwater for washing or drinking
  • Making a waterproof shelter to keep dry in rainy conditions
  • Covering a broken tent or window to protect yourself from elements.

In more common camping use even before a tent fails tarpaulins are often used to provide extra protection from the rain just in case there is bad rainfall, as some tents are not equipped for heavy conditions.

Are you getting all geared up for this years camping trips?

If you do not have a Poly Tarp in that camping gearbox, you are not prepared. Poly Tarps are just a must-have for camping for so many reasons.

Camping Tarp - Uses For Tarpaulin
Camping Tarp – Uses For Tarpaulin

What is a good thickness for a tarp?

The larger the number, the thicker the tarp. Typical light-weight blue tarps found in most retail or hardware stores are about 90 GSM. If you are planning a heavy-duty use, such as covering a carport, consider a heavy-duty tarp at 120 GSM to 500 GSM or a super heavy-duty tarp at 760 GSM.

What is tarpaulin made from?

There are many types of tarpaulin available on that market today. Made from different materials to provide different jobs and protection.

  • Canvas
  • Jute / Hessian
  • SilNylon
  • Mesh
  • Cotton-Poly
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • PVC & Polyethylene

Other uses for Tarpaulins

If you are looking for information about tarps, what the right tarp is for your project then just give the agents a call, they will guide you to the right product that will make your projects 100% right. Nellai Tarpaulin only sells good quality Tarpaulin, Tarps that will last for years to come and are ready for heavy-duty circumstances. For those who still wait for a little mighty fighter in a light-duty tarp, the blue poly tarps and brown poly tarps are perfect for temporary projects and seasonal usage. The Poly Tarps are all waterproof and do come in different colors, and mils. If you do not know what you need for the project, don’t guess have an agent explain to you why the tarp they choose is the right one for you. Go to and have the best purchasing experience!.

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