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Sports Field Cover | Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet

Sports Field Cover | Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet

Sports Field Cover | Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet

Sports tarpaulins are extra-large tarps used to cover playing fields to protect against harsh environmental elements

When a brief shower threatens to soak your playing field in the middle of a game, drag a waterproof tarp over the field for protection. The field stays dry and can quickly be pulled on and off the field as needed. You’ve likely seen MLB staff do this during downpours and thunderstorms. Vinyl-laminated polyester tarps are often used as field covers as they’re lighter and waterproof, Sports Field Cover | Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet

Sports Field Cover | Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet

Below are listed some of the significance of few colour Tarps:

Blue Tarps: These are the lightest-duty tarp available on the market. Thickness varies around 120 GSM. Blue tarps are generally considered all-purpose tarps for household use and some light manufacturing work. Hence they are usually seen everywhere.

Green Tarps: The medium-duty green tarpaulin. Weight varies around 250 GSM. They are very popular among construction workers, contractors for landscaping, and light industrial purposes. They can also be considered for general purposes and hence can be seen around for construction and as coverings for camping.

Yellow/Orange/Red Tarps: When tarps are required to attract the viewer, colors like these are prioritized visually. For example, to let know dangerous materials are being used on a construction site. Red tarps are also used to warn people that there are hard materials underneath them, so no one accidentally hits them with a car—these Tarps as medium-duty tarps. Weight is about 150 GSM – 170GSM.

White Tarps: These tarps are designed to provide shade while also allowing a little bit of natural light to pass through. They are also used to makeshift tents. White tarps are best known to reflect heat.

Silver Tarps: These are heavy-duty tarps. Weight varies around 120 GSM. Truckers use these tarps for truckloads that do not require super heavy-duty tarps. Silver tarps also reflect heat instead of absorbing it.

Transparent Tarps: Transparent tarps are used for covering object which needs much light, along with little protection from natural elements.

Black/Brown/Grey Tarps: These are other heat-reflecting tarps made from super heavy-duty material. They are usually treated with UV coatings to provide extended life in the sunlight, and Darkest colored tarps are most often the most heavy-duty tarps. Weight varies around 270 GSM – 760 GSM. These are the best of the best for covering objects to keep them cool.


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