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Truck Tarpaulin Sizes

Truck Tarpaulin Sizes

Truck Tarpaulin Sizes. Nellai Tarpaulin is a tarpaulin manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of tarpaulins for different applications and also for all types of truck tarpaulins.

At Nellai Tarpaulin we stock a variety of truck tarpaulins in a wide range of sizes and colors. We also with many years of supplying truck tarpaulins. These are tarpaulins made from superior cotton, canvas, vinyl fabric with a high mesh count. These tarpaulins are designed keeping in mind the long-distance truck drivers who carry goods, foodstuff, grains, etc. especially in light of the varied climatic conditions in India.

Truck Tarpaulin Sizes

Sizes in FeetSizes in Meter
21 x 186.4 x 5.48
21 x 206.4 x 6.0
24 x 187.31 x 5.48
27 x 248.22 x 7.31
30 x 189.14 x 5.48
30 x 249.14 x 7.31
30 x 279.14 x 8.22
36 x 3010.97 x 9.14
40 x 3012.19 x 9.14
40 x 4012.19 x 12.19
50 x 3015.24 x 9.14
50 x 4015.24 x 12.19
Truck Tarpaulin Sizes

Features of Truck Tarpaulin

  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Army Green
  • Shading rate: 95%
  • Thickness: 0.5mm about
  •  Strong, durable, tear-resistant, high breath-ability.
  •  Heavy duty canvas tarp ideal for all types of outdoor activities.
  •  Wide range of use, can be used as a hood, car cover, roof, etc.
  •  You can use it as a ground sitting blanket or hang it up to provide protection from the sun or rain on an outing.
  •  Aluminum zinc eyelets spaced along the edges. This allows the tarp to be secured in adverse weather conditions like strong winds or storms.
  •  Waterproof, wear resistant, sunscreen, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, dustproof, mildewproof, high and low temperature resistant
  •  Effective shading


1. What is a tarpaulin truck?

Truck tarpaulins are used to cover and protect loads on the backs of trucks as the loads are transported.

2. What kind of tarps do truckers use?

Vinyl Tarps are the most commonly used material for Trucking applications. Vinyl is the best material for Truck Tarps

3. What are truck tarps made of?

Truck tarps are made from vinyl, canvas, and parachute fabric. They are manufactured to the highest standards and are often double-stitched at the seams and corners for extra durability.

4. What is the standard size of tarpaulin?

Truck Tarpaulin sizes can range from 5′ x 7′ to 170′ x 170′ and even above.

5. What is our normal thickness?

90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 150gsm, 165gsm, 180gsm, 190gsm, 200gsm, 210gsm, 230gsm, 240gsm, 260gsm.

6. What is the strongest tarp?

Cotton Canvas tarps are stronger than some polyester tarps. They are often the first choice in industrial settings due to that strength.

7. Are canvas tarps UV resistant?

Yes, Canvas tarpaulin has UV treatment built into the tarp base fabric for better anti-UV performance.

8. Are canvas tarps breathable?

Canvas Tarps Are Breathable material even after being treated for water resistance. By ‘breathable’, we mean it allows air to flow between the individual fibers.

9. Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer quickly.



We are leading suppliers of HDPE Poly Tarpaulins, Heavy-Duty Truck Tarpaulins, Multy-Layer Cross Laminated Tarpaulins, Canvas Tarpaulins, Pond Liners, Car Covers, and Bike Covers.

Our goals are to provide our customers with high-quality products and reliable service and support and to become the first and preferred supplier of quality commercial products.

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Do you wish to have high-quality tarpaulins for your truck? Looking for dealers who can offer you the right tarp for your specific needs? If you still need more info just give our knowledgeable call center staff a call on +91 63810 13451 and they will be happy to help.


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  1. I like that you talk about rock tarpaulins and they are ideal for all types of outdoor activities you can use them for. I can imagine how it will be perfect if you also invest in custom-fitted truck tarp covers that will be used for specific purposes in your company. In my opinion, it will ensure that see outcome will be as effective as possible which can actually protect the items you are covering it for.

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