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Application of Blue Poly Tarpaulin Sheet

Application of Blue Poly Tarpaulin Sheet

Application of Blue Poly Tarpaulin Sheet – These are the lightest-duty tarp available on the market. Thickness varies around 90 – 120 grams per square meter. Blue tarps are generally considered all-purpose tarps for household use and some light manufacturing work. Hence they are usually seen everywhere.

Blue Poly tarps are a type of tarpaulin that uses woven strips of polyethylene plastic, bonded and laminated with sheets of the same material, making it strong and resilient. It is the most common plastic tarp on the market because it is inexpensive yet durable. Poly tarps can resist stretching, being exposed to the elements, and is waterproof.

A typical poly tarp has a life expectancy of almost four years in temperate climates. However, in areas with hot climates like India, Africa, Florida, In Arizona, and California, poly tarps tend to last one to two years.

Application of Blue Poly Tarpaulin Sheet
Application of Blue Poly Tarpaulin Sheet

Application of Blue Poly tarpaulin Sheet:

  • Truck canopy, ship cover and cargo storage
  • Transportation in mineral factories and ports
  • Tents in outside travel and calamities
  • Cover and protect the goods in the open air and avoid the goods get wet
  • Wood covers to keep the wood dry.
  • Some poly tarps can gather water.
  • Temporary roof patching
  • Protect your skin by shading yourself from the sun.
  • Protect bikes from snow/rain/sun.

Below are the key points for Poly Tarpaulin:

  • Dence yet still light
  • UV Resistant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Not a abrasion resistant as the canvas
  • Mildew resistant
  • Still flexible in freezing temperatures
HDPE Tarpaulin | Tarpaulin Sheet Applications
Application of Blue Poly Tarpaulin Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are poly tarps UV resistant?

Yes, our poly tarps have UV treatment built into the poly tarp fabrics for better poly tarp performance.

Are poly tarps storm or hurricane proof?

Poly tarps are not stormed or hurricane-proof. Strong wind gusts, storms, or hurricanes can tear, blow away or significantly damage your poly tarps.

Is poly tarp stronger or weaker than canvas tarp?

Not necessarily. Heavy-duty poly tarps are usually stronger than canvas tarps, although heavy-duty poly tarps have a lighter weight than canvas tarps.

Do you make custom poly tarps?

Yes, Nellai Tarpaulin makes custom-size poly tarps. Please call Nellai Tarpaulin at 06381013451 to order your custom-size poly tarps.

How can I recycle poly tarps?

Poly tarps are made from polyethylene and can be recycled just like plastic milk jars or plastic bottles. Please contact your local recycling stations, county waste management, or your waste management companies for more information.

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