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PVC Coated Tarpaulin - PVC Tarpaulin Manufacturer

PVC Coated Tarpaulin – PVC Tarpaulin Manufacturer

PVC Coated Tarpaulin is woven to fabrics by high-intensity and low-shrinkage terylene coated with PVC films by 180 hot-roller affixed under pressure and then cooling to be laminated tarpaulin.

The products have features of high strength. durable, artistic, and light. easy to clean and many other attractive features. Laminated Fabric and Coated fabric are widely applied to making advertising light boxes, advertising billboards, awnings, fabrics of sunshades, etc.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

Item NamePvc Coated Tarpaulin – PVC Tarpaulin
GSM420gsm / 500gsm / 550gsm / 600gsm / 700gsm
MaterialHigh-strength polyester mesh fabric + Double-sided multi-layer PVC Coating
Features1) High tenacity polyester yarns with PVC coating;
2) Laminated technology & Hot-melt Coating technology;
3) Good strength, good flexibility, and adhesion strength;
4) Outstanding tearing strength for welding;
5) Cold Crack Resistance, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Static treatment, Waterproof, Sunproof;
6) Best colorfastness.
Lifetime3-7 years.
ApplicationTent cover, cargo ship tarpaulin, trailer truck awning, pool, etc.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

  • High saturation, clear and delicate picture, bright colors.
  • High strength, good ductility, and strong flexibility. This unique property makes this material have a wide range of expansion, high-end fine commodity market.
  • The surface is smooth and has ink absorption of impregnation. The chemical nature of the material determines its strong ink absorption, and it can adhere with high strength under oily or aqueous ink conditions.
  • The physical and chemical properties are stable, mainly manifested in anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, and cold resistance

What are the main application scenarios of pvc coated tarpaulin?

1. Tarpaulin used in Industry

  • Covers for road repair sites/fences, Warning tape cover, Sandpit cover
  • Cover for general use, Underground sheets, Warehouses Pallets, Noise reduction cover
  • Military/Industrial equipment machine cover, Cover for scaffolding in construction sites
  • Transportation in mineral factories and ports, Cargo, Rail transportation, Ventilation pipe
  • Tarps for material roofs, Cover for trucks/trailer/cars/containers, Boat/steamship cover, Tent canopy etc.

2. Agriculture

  • Tarps for timber, hay, haystack, weed mat, cotton and all kinds of crops covers for drying crops, Collect Water
  • Covers for fence wind break for poultry farms house, Pandal, Rain and sunshine monsoon shelters

3. Aquaculture and fisheries

  • Fish, shrimps, crabs and shellfish, as well as algae, quince, lotus and lotus root etc.

4. Tarpaulin used in Garden and home

  • Picnic mat, Dining canopies, Cover for furniture, Swimming pool covers
  • Cover for garden, backyard furniture use, Canopy etc.

5. Other field

  • Covers for paper carton, tent, marquee, swimming pool, canal lining, etc.

What is PVC tarpaulin?

PVC tarpaulin consists of 100% polyester fabric as a base. It is then coated thoroughly with PVC on both sides of the base fabric. This method of production allows the fabric to be strong and tensile, whilst maintaining the flexibility and lightness of the fabric. After the PVC coating is applied various surface treatments can also be applied to enhance various elements of the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are our advantages and our services?

a) Reply to you within 2 minutes at the working time.
b) Experienced staff will answer all your questions correctly in time.
c) Customized design is available.
d)We offer FREE samples to our customers, only need customers to pay the freight. And the freight fee will send back when the first order is confirmed.
Click here to send your sample request, we will arrange for you immediately.

Q2.What is the life of the PVC tarpaulin?

3-7 years in normal use.

Q.3 Are PVC tarpaulin UV resistant?

Yes, our tarpaulin has UV treatment built into the tarp base fabric for better anti-UV performance.

Q4. What does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is the priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from beginning to end.

Q5. What can you do if you get goods of bad quality?

a) Take photos of the goods with the problem.
b) Keep the goods for us.
c) Send all your feedback to our sales. Our client’s service team will help you solve the problem together. If the problem is caused by us, we will afford this responsibility.

Q6. Can you make any size as we required?

Yes, we can produce your size as you need.

Q7. Where is your factory?

Our factory is in Thiruchendur Main Road, Kurumbur, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu 628207.

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