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What is clear vinyl tarpaulin?

What is clear vinyl tarpaulin?

What is clear vinyl tarpaulin? Clear Vinyl tarpaulin helps keep areas well-lit during nighttime by letting in most of the exterior lighting and remaining on without escaping into the exterior surroundings.

What is clear vinyl tarpaulin?

Clear vinyl tarpaulins are very popular and often used as climate closure on outdoor enclosures and in your porch area to provide protection from the elements without blocking out the light.

Key Features Of Clear Vinyl Tarpaulin

  • Fire resistant
  • Scratch and tear-resistant
  • Strong and multi-functional
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Transparent
  • Insect control
  • Easy handling
  • Water-resistant
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Acid, oil, and grease resistant
  • Web hems all around & Grommets

Benefits of Clear Vinyl Tarpaulin

Clear Vinyl tarpaulin gives many benefits over other competing tarps in the market. Some of the benefits of using vinyl tarp are:

  • If stored properly the lifespan of a vinyl tarpaulin is very long.
  • Vinyl tarp is made using flexible PVC material so they can easily bend, fold or cut in exact dimensions as per the usage.
  • Vinyl tarps are extremely water and moisture resistant, protecting any equipment against water damage in rainy, wet, or snowy terrain.
  • Clear vinyl tarps are terrific during summers or hot weather conditions for patios due to their UV resistance capability without clouding their transparent visibility.
  • Due to vinyl tarp thickness and breathable quality, it blocks off airflow to guard against harsh winds from damaging your outdoor project or enjoyment.
  • When the temperature falls during winter or autumn the clear vinyl tarps can withstand the cold just as easily due to their cold resistance feature.
  • At the time of vinyl tarpaulin manufacturing grommets were fixed every 2 feet on every side of the clear vinyl tarps which not only aids in its flexibility but also allows easy tie-down around garden, patio, or cargo.

Usage of Clear Vinyl Tarpaulin

  1. Protect equipment and outdoor furniture
  2. Load transportation
  3. Construction sites
  4. Greenhouse construction
  5. Warehouse
  6. Temporary windows

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is clear tarp?

Clear tarps are made in China from vinyl material with a reinforced white hem. These clear vinyl tarps are 20mil or 30 mil thick and have a weight of 18 ounces per square yard. Our vinyl tarps are waterproof, mildew resistant, tear-resistant, acid-resistant, and cold-weather flexible. The material is UV-stabilized for longer life.

2. Are vinyl tarps good?

Vinyl tarps are ideal if you’re looking for a waterproof cover that can protect your valuables from the most extreme conditions.

3. How do you clean clear vinyl tarps?

Poly, PVC, and vinyl tarps are also easy to clean. Use mild soap as your cleaner. Blue Dawn dish soap is a good choice when it comes to dish soap.

4. How do I contact customer support?

You can call / SMS us at +91 81223 01509 or email us at

5. Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer quickly.

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