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What is Medium Weight Tarpaulin?

What is Medium Weight Tarpaulin?

What is Medium Weight Tarpaulin? Medium weight tarpaulins are ideal as a hay cover, roofing tarp, industrial tarpaulin, and many more.

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What is Medium Weight Tarpaulin?

Medium-weight tarpaulin sheets provide long-lasting protection to items that are being kept outside. Medium weight tarpaulins are made from not-so-heavy materials, but they last for many years without getting damaged. These medium-weight tarpaulins are also used where you need protection against UV light. They are popular for being used to cover hay grass and in agriculture where you need low weight Tarps to cover Agri products.

What are the applications of medium weight tarpaulins?

Medium weight tarpaulins are used in many ways to protect things from wind, rain, sun.

  • Temporary roof covering
  • General utility cover
  • Groundsheet
  • Wind break
  • Covering for furniture
  • Covering for vehicles
  • Bamboo Stack Covers
  • Camping Groundsheets
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What are the key features of medium weight tarpaulins?

  • Medium Weight
  • 120 GSM – 150 GSM
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • UV Stabilized
  • Root-proof
  • Come with 12mm Aluminium eyelets
  • HDPE Weave with LDPE lamination
  • Welded edges with rope reinforced hems
  • Eyelets every meter
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Which tarp should I buy?

Tarps should always be purchased with the application in mind. Will you use your tarp indoors or outdoors? Will your tarp be exposed to the elements? How long do you want your tarp to last? Do you have a specific color in mind? All of these questions will come into play when choosing the tarp that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the price? Is the price fixed?

The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package and fabric.

2. How can I get a sample before placing an order?

We can provide a sample for free if the amount is not too much, but you need to pay the freight.

3. What’s the MOQ?

The minimum order quantity of each item is different, some items we have stock, just one piece is also available

4. How to pay?

We support multiple payment methods, if you have any questions, please contact us.

5. How long do tarps last?

The longevity of your tarp will depend on the material and how the tarp is being used. Our expert sales team can ensure you choose the right tarp for your application.

6. What is the difference between water-resistant tarps and waterproof tarps?

Water-resistant tarps can withstand the entry of water into the fabric for a short period of time while waterproof tarps offer complete protection from water or moisture.

7. What is the normal thickness of tarpaulin?


8. Which company tarpaulin is best?

Nellai Tarpaulin is the unpopular brand leader in HDPE tarpaulin and is the most trusted brand in India.

9. What is Medium Tarpaulin?

Medium tarpaulins are durable, mid-grade tarpaulins suitable for use where a heavier grade cover is required.


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