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Virgin Tarpaulin For Sale

Virgin Tarpaulin For Sale – 100% Waterproof Sheet

Virgin Tarpaulin For Sale, We supply any tarp, big or small. Black or white, or any color of your choice in between.

We can reproduce any shape or style you may be interested in, the best quality advanced materials at the cheapest prices.

Product overview

Product TypeLight duty all purpose PE tarpaulin
MaterialPE, polyethylene, 100% virgin material
Thickness4 mil-20 mil
Working Life1-5 years, depending on material and application

Product Description

MaterialPE, polyethylene, 100% virgin material
Regular size9×6 ft, 12×9 ft, 15×12 ft, 18×12 ft, 18×15 ft, Also available in Yard or Meter.
Colorwhite, silver, green, yellow, orange, blue, reversible color, or any other colors
Sizeany customized size available
Multi-purposeCamping, temporary roof repair, ground protection, wood storage, temporary ground, temporary construction, woodpile covers, machinery, construction, farm equipment covers, BBQ grill, pool, patio, car, pallet covers, hay tarp, seasonal windbreaker, seasonal boat covers
HDPE Virgin Tarpaulin
Virgin Tarpaulin For Sale | Tarpaulin


  • High density woven fabric, stronger and lighter than canvas
  • Waterproof, Tear-resistant, UV treated (optional) on both sides for superior sunlight protection
  • Tear-resistant, super durability minimizes breakage during transportation and storage
  • Water-resistant and washable: prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture
  • Rot, wind, and mildew resistant
Virgin Tarpaulin For Sale
Virgin Tarpaulin For Sale


suitable for all cover purposes. such as ship cover, cargo, truck cover, roof cover, tent material and canopy, camping cloth, construction filed, scaffold sheeting, Agricultural usage, to protect the crops in rain season. Garden use, outside furniture cover to prevent the sunshine damage and keep clean and dry.

Virgin Tarpaulin Application

What is Tarpaulin?

A tarpaulin sheet is a kind of protective cover for the cargo. It usually comes in the form of a large sheet (usually plastic or polyethylene). Tarpaulin Sheets can be made from different materials such as cloth, paper, plastic, and canvas.

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