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Canvas Tarpaulin - Manufacturers & Suppliers

Canvas Tarpaulin – Manufacturers & Suppliers

Canvas Tarpaulin Is Made By 100% Cotton or Cotton / Polyester Blended Fabric. It Was Mainly Used For Sheets, Membrane, Covers, Awning, Tents, Shades, Curtains. Canvas Tarpaulin Could Meet Standard Flame Behaviors, Cadmium Free, En 71-3, Reach Regulations, Anti Static, And Other International Standard. Canvas Tarpaulin Rolls Widths From 1.0mts -2.0mts


1Canvas Tarpaulin340g/m2Treated
2Canvas Tarpaulin550g/m2Treated
3Canvas Tarpaulin600g/m2Treated
4Canvas Tarpaulin700g/m2Treated
5Canvas Tarpaulin800g/m2Treated
Canvas Tarpaulin - Manufacturers & Suppliers - 1

Products Description

Material Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Sheet / Cover
Size9x6m; 9x5m; 8x6m; 8x5m; 7x7m; 7x6m; 7x5m; 7x4m; 6x6m; 6x5m; 6x4m; 6x3m; 5x5m; 5x4m; 5x3m; 4x4m; 4x3m; 3.5×3.5m; 3.5x3m; 3.5×2.5m;
3x3m; 3×2.5m; 2.5×2.5m etc,any size is available
DetailsTarp Material: Cotton Duck Canvas
Finished Size: 9′ ft. 6″ x 11′ ft. 6″
Thickness: 20 mil
Tarp Seam Finish: Double Lock Stitched Seams
Tarp Resistant Features: Mildew Resistant
Grommet Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Grommet Spacing: 24″
DescriptionOlive Drab Color
Double re-enforced corners with Triple Thick Hems and 10oz/yard weight.
Grommets spaced every 24″
These are full-length tarps and measure within +/- a few inches of the full listed size.
Canvas Tarps are typically considered the best multi-purpose tarp.
Feature1) Strong, durable, tear-resistant, high breathability.
2) Heavy-duty canvas tarp ideal for all types of outdoor activities.
3) Aluminum zinc eyelets spaced along the edges.
4) Waterproof, wear-resistant, sunscreen, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, dustproof, mildewproof, high and low-temperature resistant Effective shading
UsageMultiple Use: Cover trucks, machinery, and equipment, building materials, firewood/woodpile, boats, patio area, etc.

Canvas Tarpaulin – Manufacturers & Suppliers

Canvas Tarpaulin - Manufacturers & Suppliers - 2

We Provide Any Shape Canvas Tarp

  • 100% Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Sheet / Cover
  • 100% Polyester Canvas Tarpaulin
  • Cotton / Polyester Canvas Tarpaulin Sheet


1. Is canvas tarpaulin waterproof?

The Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins manufactured and supplied by us provide high functional life and are 100% water-resistant and extremely cost-effective.

2. Are canvas tarps UV resistant?

Yes, Canvas tarpaulin has UV treatment built into the tarp base fabric for better anti-UV performance.

3. Are canvas tarps breathable?

Canvas Tarps Are Breathable material even after being treated for water resistance. By ‘breathable’, we mean it allows air to flow between the individual fibers.

4. How long does canvas last outdoors?

In general, the life expectancy of a canvas tent should be approximately 15-30 years if it’s of good quality. When a canvas tent is left out in the sun for long stretches of time without a fly and when it is stored wet, it can begin to deteriorate.

5. How does your company do regarding quality control?

Quality is a priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from beginning to end.

6. What about the sample?

We provide a free-charge sample.

7. Do you make the covers or simply sell the roll material?

We made both roll materials and finished products.

8. What about the price?

We always offer reasonable prices & we have special discounts each season for long-term customers.

9. What can you do if you get goods of bad quality?

a) Take photos of the goods with the problem.
b) Keep the goods for us.
c) Send all your feedback to our sales. Our client’s service team will help you solve the problem together. If the problem is caused by us, we will afford this responsibility.

10. What can you buy from us?

Truck Tarpaulin, Canvas Tarpaulin, HDPE Tarpaulin, Cotton Tarpaulin, Poly Tarpaulin, Custom Made Car Covers & Bike Covers

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