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The Different Types of Poly Tarps

The Different Types of Poly Tarps

The Different Types of Poly Tarps, Poly Tarps are the best kind of multi-purpose tarp for everyday use whether you’re up to camping, seeking a roof, or a pool cover. If you are looking for a durable tarp for commercial purposes, we have got you covered. We offer a quality selection of premium-grade poly tarps to protect from the elements.

Types of Tarp Fabric

Types of Poly Tarps

Here are some types of poly tarps:

1. Light duty poly tarps

Also known as general-purpose poly tarps are designed with high-density lightweight polyethylene. Laminated woven and sheet stuff to resist stretching from both sides making it long-lasting. The material used is UV stabilized. Such tarps are used as temporary curtain dividers and machinery covers.

2. Medium duty poly tarps

Made with high-density polyethylene. These tarps are usually sturdy but light. Medium duty poly tarps are waterproof, rot-resistant, and dirtproof. To enhance its durability it is equipped with reinforced hems. Used for commercial and residential applications such as farm equipment and ground tarps.

3. Heavy duty poly tarps

One of the best tarpaulins. They are waterproof and give protection against UV. The chemical used in their manufacturing makes them long-lasting. Its hems are reinforced with rope to protect against leakage as a waterproof patio tarp. Ideal for remediation covers and pond liners.

4. Super heavy duty poly tarps

Strongest and durable of all poly tarps. Mostly used in building enclosures, and landfill covers. They are waterproof, UV resistant equipped with strong grommets and reinforced hems for stable tie-downs.

Benefits of Poly Tarps

  • Poly tarps are one of the less expensive choices available as polyethylene is cheaper to develop.
  • Poly are fully waterproof, flexible in arctic and freezing conditions unlike ripping vulnerable tarps.
  • They handle the UV very well unlike many other tarps that would peel, but poly tarps are considerably more durable.
  • Poly are lighter and it brings down the shipping charges as well.
  • With the range of merits and affordability, poly tarps may be a perfect choice for you!

How to choose a Poly Tarp?

A few things you might consider while choosing the right tarp for you are:

  1. by weather elements and environment conditions you need coverage against:
    • Sun
    • Rain
    • Wind
    • Cold
    • Heat & Flames
  2. by material depending upon your need such as:
    • camping tarp cover
    • construction cover
    • temporary roof covers
    • leaf tarp covers
    • BBQ grill covers
    • pool covers

Poly Tarp Colors

Nellai Tarpaulin has manufactured poly tarps in the following colors:

  • Blue Poly Tarps
  • Brown Poly Tarps
  • Orange Poly Tarps
  • Yellow Poly Tarps
  • Black Poly Tarps
  • Green Poly Tarps
  • Silver / Black Poly Tarps one side Silver, the other side Black
  • Orange / Blue Poly Tarps one side Orange, the other side Blue

Do we hope this provides enough information to give you a good idea of The Different Types of Poly Tarps? If you still need more info just give our knowledgeable call center staff a call on +91 63810 13451 and they will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What is a poly tarp?

A poly tarp is a tarp made from polyethylene fabric. Most poly tarp fabrics are cross-woven reinforced and coated for waterproofing and UV resistance.

2. What’s the cheapest poly tarp?

The blue poly tarp is a cheap or inexpensive poly tarp. The blue poly tarp is also the most popular poly tarp and is widely used in construction, roofing, and outdoor covers.

3. Are poly tarps UV resistant?

Yes, poly tarps have UV treatment built into the poly tarp fabrics for better poly tarp performance.

4. Do you make custom poly tarps?

Yes, we make custom size poly tarps. Please call Nellai Tarpaulin at +91-63810-13451 to order your custom-size poly tarps.

5. Can I use poly tarps as truck tarps?

No. Poly tarps are not recommended as truck tarps or trailer tarps. Quality truck tarps and trailer tarps are typically made from 18 oz vinyl coated polyester, i.e., vinyl tarps.

6. What’s the largest poly tarp size?

Nellai Tarpaulin has large tarps including 100’x100′ blue poly tarp, 100’x100′ heavy-duty black poly tarp, 100’x100′ silver brown tarp. We also make custom poly tarps of many large sizes. For a quote of custom large poly tarps, please contact on +91-63810-13451

7. Is there a warranty or guarantee for your covers and tarps?

No. There is no warranty or guarantee of covers and tarps. Nellai Tarpaulin strives to provide quality products at great prices. However, due to the wide variety of environments and applications covers and tarps are used, there is no warranty or guarantee.

8. Are all tarps fire retardant?

No, not all tarps or covers are fire retardant. Please make sure to check each product specification to make sure we state “FR” or “Fire Retardant” within the product specs.

9. Any other questions?

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  1. I find it interesting that a cheap and inexpensive option is blue poly tarps which is why they are the most popular option in construction, roofing, and outdoor covers. I wonder if they can also be used as truck tarps, because those vehicles would definitely be used outdoors which means that they will be exposed to various elements, especially when they are moving or transporting their haul. This just made me realize how many options there are out there which can definitely help even a starting business to find something that they can afford and still have the assurance that their property or items are protected all the time.

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