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Tarpaulin Prices - The Ultimate Guide

Tarpaulin Prices – The Ultimate Guide

Tarpaulin Prices – The Ultimate Guide, We are a manufacturer and supplier of tarpaulin. have been supplying to construction, sporting, and agricultural industries with reliable, high-quality Polytarps for over 5 years. We have the largest range of ready-made tarpaulin at the lowest price – up 30m x 50m in stock.

Tarpaulin Prices – The Ultimate Guide

HDPE Tarpaulin & Poly Tarpaulin

19 x 68 x 52.4 x 1.5108162183216270270432540
29 x 98 x 82.4 x 2.4162243275324405405648810
310 x 69 x 52.7 x 1.5120180204240300300480600
410 x 99 x 82.7 x 2.4180270306360450450720900
512 x 611 x 53.4 x 1.5144216244288360360576720
612 x 911 x 83.4 x 2.42163243674325405408641,080
712 x 1011 x 93.4 x 2.72403604084806006009601,200
812 x 1211 x 113.4 x 3.42884324895767207201,1521,440
915 x 614 x 54.3 x 1.5180270306360450450720900
1015 x 914 x 84.3 x 2.42704054595406756751,0801,350
1115 x 1214 x 114.3 x 3.43605406127209009001,4401,800
1218 x 1217 x 115.2 x 3.44326487358641,0801,0801,7282,160
1318 x 1517 x 145.2 x 4.35408109181,0801,3501,3502,1602,700
1421 x 1220 x 116.1 x 3.45007568561,0001,2601,2602,0162,500
1521 x 1520 x 146.1 x 4.36309451,0701,2601,5751,5752,5203,150
1621 x 1820 x 166.1 x 4.97561,1301,2851,5001,8901,8903,0003,780
1724 x 1223 x 117 x 3.45768649801,1521,4401,4402,3002,880
1824 x 1523 x 147 x 4.37201,0801,2201,4401,8001,8002,8803,600
1924 x 1823 x 167 x 4.98601,2961,4681,7002,1602,1603,4504.320
2024 x 2123 x 197 x 5.81,0001,5001,7002,0002,5002,5004,0005,000
2127 x 1226 x 117.9 x 3.46489701,1001,2961,6201,6202,5903,240
2227 x 1526 x 147.9 x 4.38101,2001,3771,6202,0252,0253,2404,050
2327 x 1826 x 167.9 x 4.99701,4581,6501,9402,4302,4303,8884,860
2427 x 2426 x 227.9 x 6.71,2961,9402,2002,5903,2403,2405,1806,480
2530 x 1229 x 118.8 x 3.47201,0801,2201,4401,8001,8002,8803,600
2630 x 1529 x 148.8 x 4.39001,3501,5301,8002,2502,2503,6004,500
2730 x 1829 x 168.8 x 4.91,0801,6201,8302,1602,7002,7004,3205,400
2830 x 2429 x 228.8 x 6.71,4402,1602,4402,8803,6003,6005,7607,200
2930 x 2729 x 258.8 x 7.61,6202,4302,7553,2404,0504,0506,4808,100
3030 x 3029 x 288.8 x 8.51,8002,7003,0603,6004,5004,5007,2009,000
3136 x 1235 x 1110.7 x 3.48641,2961,4681,7282,1602,1603,4564,320
3236 x 1535 x 1410.7 x 4.31,0801,6201,8362,1602,7002,7004,3205,400
3336 x 1835 x 1610.7 x 4.91,2961,9442,2002,5903,2403,2405,1846,480
3436 x 2435 x 2210.7 x 6.71,7282,5922,9403,4564,3204,3206,9008,640
3536 x 2735 x 2510.7 x 7.61,9452,9163,3053,8884,8604,8607,7759,720
3636 x 3035 x 2810.7 x 8.52,1603,2403,6724,3205,4005,4008,64010,800
3740 x 1239 x 1111.9 x 3.49601,4401,6321,9202,4002,4003,8404,800
3840 x 2739 x 2511.9 x 7.62,1603,2403,6704,3205,4005,4008,64010,800
3940 x 3039 x 2811.9 x 8.52,4003,6004,0804,8006,0006,0009,60012,000
4040 x 4039 x 3911.9 x 11.93,2004,8005,4406,4008,0008,00012,80016,000
4150 x 3049 x 2814.9 x 8.53,0004,5005,1006,0007,5007,50012,00015,000
4260 x 3059 x 2818.0 x 8.53,6005,4006,1207,2009,0009,00014,40018,000
4380 x 3079 x 2824.1 x 8.54,8007,2008,1609,60012,00012,00019,20024,000
Rate Per Sq. Ft.
Tarpaulin Prices – The Ultimate Guide


1. I need a special size/custom tarp – can you help me?

We are often able to accommodate special sizes but it will just be a matter of how quickly we can do it for you – give us a call to talk about your requirements and our friendly team will bend over backward to ensure that you get what you need. If we can’t do it for you we will put you in touch with someone that can!

2. How quickly can I get a tarp from you?

Most sizes are kept in stock for immediate delivery. Depending on your location delivery can range from the same day, overnight, or a few days.

3. Do you have PVC or Canvas tarps?

No – we only stock the highest quality polyethylene tarps.

4. What is a poly tarp made of?

A poly tarp is made from woven reinforced polyethylene fabric or poly for short.

5. What is the tarpaulin price in India?

The cost of tarpaulin depends on the material used, its thickness, and its length.

6. Why is my poly tarp a few inches smaller than the size specified?

It is likely the tarp received is cut-size. Cut size is the size of the fabric. When the tarp is made, after the edges are folded and seams heat sealed, the final tarp’s size is slightly smaller than the fabric size, or cut size. Cut size is one of the tarp industry-standard measurements in India. Nellai Tarpaulin’s product description specifies whether a product is cut-size or finished-size, if applicable. A finished size tarp’s actual size is usually within 3 – 6 inches of its nominal dimensions.

7. What is cut size?

Cut size is the size of the fabric when the fabric is cut and before the final cover or tarp is made. 

8. What is our normal thickness?

90 GSM,100 GSM,110 GSM,120 GSM,140 GSM,150 GSM,165 GSM,170 GSM, 180 GSM,190 GSM,200 GSM,210 GSM,230 GSM,250 GSM,300 GSM, 500 GSM

9. Is there a warranty or guarantee for your covers and tarps?

No. There is no warranty or guarantee of covers and tarps. Nellai Tarpaulin strives to provide quality products at great prices. However, due to the wide variety of environments and applications covers and tarps are used, there is no warranty or guarantee.

10. What is the difference between water-resistant tarps and waterproof tarps?

Water-resistant tarps can withstand the entry of water into the fabric for a short period of time while waterproof tarps offer complete protection from water or moisture.

Why Choose Us?

We have a commitment to supplying the highest quality Poly tarps and associated products at cost-effective and economical prices. Our track record in this regard over the years has enabled us to retain a loyal customer base who purchase from us regularly and consistently refer new customers to us. For more than 5 years we have supplied the Indian market with quality products at affordable prices.  We are proud of our history and dedication to our customers and continue to provide excellent service across India.

  • Great quality, economically priced Polytarps
  • Tarps manufactured in ISO9001 certified facility ensuring the quality & consistency of our products
  • Largest range of sizes in ready made Polytarps in India
  • Our tarps are manufactured to finished sizes unlike our competitors who quote on cut & finished sizes
  • Loyal customer base, regular users & great referrals
  • Made to suit Indian conditions
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Economical products for most applications

If you have related needs for tarpaulin, For any queries or feedback you can contact us on +91 63810 13451 or mail us, We will be the fastest time to provide you with the best products, welcome to visit our company!

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