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Emergency Tarpaulin! Poly Tarpaulin

Emergency Tarpaulin – Poly Tarpaulin

For your emergency tarpaulin, Nellai Tarpaulin has poly tarps. Poly tarpaulins can help with leaky roofs, broken roofs, damaged areas in the house anything that must be covered a poly Tarpaulin will help. Poly Tarpaulin are water-resistant, mildew resistant, UV treated on both sides, acid-resistant, tear-resistant, 7-14 mil thick poly tarps. So many great features to these poly Tarpaulin’s make them the perfect emergency item. Tarps are also great for the outdoors to make tipi tents, shade, and for so many other uses. Take a look at all the Tarpaulin sections on

Nellai Tarpaulin is a leading provider for all your Tarp needs such as Waterproof Roof Tarpaulin, Camping Tarpaulin, Boat Tarpaulin, Hay covers, and cricket ground Tarpaulin. We have the best Construction Tarpaulin for sale. Our range of HDPE Tarpaulin & PE Tarpaulin is weather-resistant, waterproof resistant, and lightweight, easy to handle

Emergency Tarpaulin! Poly Tarpaulin
Emergency Tarpaulin! Poly Tarpaulin

120 GSM Emergency Tarpaulin

Product NameEmergency Tarpaulin
Material100% polyethylene fabric Tarpaulin
Size9×6 ft, 12×9 ft, 15×12 ft, 18×12 ft, 18×15 ft, 20×21 ft & Available in more sizes
ApplicationCovers for trucks, cars, boats, containers, warning tapes, covers for materials, roofs, road repair sites, fences, UV heavy duty tarp, blue economy poly tarp, multi-purpose tarp poly tarp, truck tarpaulin, tarpaulin cover, cover canvas, etc
Emergency Tarpaulin! Poly Tarpaulin

Other Types of Tarps include:

HDPE tarp, Canvas Tarps, Clear PVC Tarps & Curtains, Drain Tarps – Leak Diverter Tarps, Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps, Lumber Tarps, Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps, Polyethylene Sheeting, Polyethylene Tarps, Refuse Transfer Trailer Tarps, Roofers Tear-Off Tarps, Salvage Covers – Tarps, Steel Tarps, Temper Tent Tarps – Flame Retardant Tarps, Vinyl Tarps.

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