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Cross Laminated Bike Covers from Shalimar Tarpaulin

Cross Laminated Bike Covers from Shalimar

Cross Laminated Bike Covers from Shalimar, Cross Laminated bike covers are a high-quality product that ensures an optimized fit for almost all bike models. The cover is made using waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and anti-UV material so that it offers protection to the whole bike body against dust, rain, sun, wind, splatter, and scratches while providing durability against wear and tear.

These cross-laminated universal bike covers prevent rainwater from seeping into its internal parts thereby rendering the engine parts, the gear chain, etc.

This heavy-duty superior material is effective in all weather conditions and will offer constant protection for bikes indoor or outdoor. They are flexible, portable, and lightweight for compact storage and perfect fit.

Cross Laminated Bike Covers from Shalimar

These covers are compatible with Hero Glamour i3s, Hero Super Splendour 2018, Honda CB Shine, Bajaj discover 125, Bajaj pulsar, Hero Glamour, Honda Activa /4G TVS Jupiter, Hero Maestro Edge, Suzuki Access, Yamaha Fascino, TVS Scooty zest, and many more. Cross Laminated Bike Covers from Shalimar

Cross Laminated Bike Covers from Shalimar


  • Provides a complete optimised coverage and perfect fit.
  • Waterproof, durable and effectively secure in any weather conditions
  • The internal parts of the engine are protected from rust and Wear
  • Portable, flexible and lightweight for compact storage
  • Protects bikes against dust, rain, splatter and scratches


1. What is a cross-laminated bike cover?

Shalimar is a cross laminated tarpaulin. This special kind of bike cover is widely acclaimed and known for its toughness and its superb agility at the same time.

2. Is your cross-laminated bike cover UV resistant?

Yes, cross-laminated bike cover has UV treatment built into the material for better anti-UV performance.

3. Are all bike covers waterproof?

No, not all bike covers are waterproof. Please make sure to check each product specification

4. What is the life of a cross-laminated bike cover?

1-2 years depending on the weather

5. Do bike cover scratch paint?

No – bike covers are made from an anti-scratch material, our aim is to protect your bike not cause any damage! It is recommended that bike covers are always placed on a clean bike, dirt and dust can damage the paintwork.

6. What if I can’t find my vehicle on your website?

If you cannot find your vehicle on our website, please utilize our contact us form or call (+91-63810-13451) with your make, model, year, and body type.



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Do you wish to have high-quality bike covers for your vehicle? Looking for dealers who can offer you the right covers for your specific needs? If you still need more info just give our knowledgeable call center staff a call on +91 63810 13451 and they will be happy to help.

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