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Best Car Covers in India

Best Car Covers in India

Best Car Covers in India. Nellai Tarpaulin offers a wide variety of styles and performance levels for all types of vehicles. Car covers from Nellai Tarpaulin are built to demanding quality specifications. Rest assured that our covers will protect your vehicle from the harshest elements that nature can dish out.

Need a Car Covers? Here are the best car covers to protect your vehicle from scratches, dust, rain, snow, and hail.

Best Car Covers in India

1. Best Car Covers for All-Weather

Best Car Covers for All-Weather
Best Car Covers in India – Best Car Covers for All-Weather

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Our All-Weather car cover is a lightweight and weatherproof cover that has been designed to protect your vehicle from dust, rain, and scratches, whilst also acting to reduce paintwork fading due to the sunlight. This All-Weather car cover also features a soft anti-scratch lining to reduce damage to your vehicle

Key Features:

  • Designed for all weather defence against rain, storm, UV rays, tree sap and bird bombs
  • Its breathable fabric fights off rot, mildew and corrosion
  • Protective Indoor Outdoor And All Season.
  • Effectively prevent dust into the car, keep the car inside and outside clean and tidy
  • Heat resistant with a paint-safe inner layer,It won’t scratch paint
  • Easy to wash and collect
  • Two mirror  pockets make the cover fitting the car
  • Double-stitched for strength and durability
  • Clip buckle – protection from harsh winds
  • Zipper bag included for storage when not in use
  • Custom Fit

Warranty: 1 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Only.


1. Do car cover scratch paint?

No – all our car covers are made from an anti-scratch material, our aim is to protect your car not cause any damage! It is recommended that car covers are always placed on a clean car, dirt and dust can damage the paintwork.

2. Are our car covers safe?

Yes, Car covers are very safe. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and provide protection for your vehicle.

3. Can I put a car cover over a wet car?

No, DO NOT cover a wet vehicle or allow the cover to dry on a wet vehicle.

4. I am not sure which of the fabric types or options to select for my car cover?

Firstly you need to choose an Indoor or Outdoor Use Car Cover, each Fabric type is detailed below with its recommended usage for car cover storage.

5. I have just bought a new car which car cover do you recommend?

We have covers available to suit all budgets but we do not sell low quality universal fit car covers only good quality semi custom-fit or custom fit covers, at Nellai Tarpaulin we want you to get a car cover that will provide the life span and type of coverage that you want to keep your vehicle in good condition and protected from the weather

Best Car Covers in India

2. Best Car Cover for outdoor storage and waterproof

Best Car Cover for outdoor storage and waterproof
Best Car Covers in India – Best Car Cover for outdoor storage and waterproof

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This outdoor car cover is suitable for day-to-day outdoor uses like when at the parking lot or workplace. Our outdoor car cover gives outstanding protection against extreme bad weather and conditions such as heavy hail, snow ice, and intense UV rays

Key Features:

  • Great protection with a thick material
  • It’s great for outdoor use
  • Easy to use and maintenance
  • Elastic cord front and back bottom hem to provide good fit
  • Adjustable heavy-duty tie down straps
  • Double stitched for strength and durability
  • Side mirror pocket make the cover fitting the car
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Custom Fit

Warranty: 1 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Only.


1. Are outdoor car covers bad for your car?

Wind can be an issue when it comes to outdoor storage. Not only can your cover get blown off your vehicle. Our outdoor car covers are windproof

2. Should a car cover be left on in the rain?

You should not cover a wet car as the trapped water might cause the formation of mold and can also leave watermarks on the surface of the paint.

3. What is the disadvantage of car cover?

You will need to make sure that your car cover is not 100% waterproof plastic. While that material is great for keeping water and moisture off the car, it also stops it from escaping. Non-fitted car covers, without buckles, can scratch your vehicle.

4. How can I protect my car without a garage?

use our car cover for the protection of your vehicles. Our outdoor car cover is one of the best protection options in case you haven’t a garage.

Best Car Covers in India

3. Best Car Cover for indoor storage

Best Car Cover for indoor storage
Best Car Covers in India – Best Car Cover for indoor storage

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This indoor car cover is made by high-quality imported 190T Matty Fabric Strong, effective, and all-weather car covers for your vehicle Very Light Weighted Custom-fit car cover Very toughly and long-lasting.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable heavy duty tie down straps with quick release buckles to keep the cover from sagging and flapping in the wind.
  • It’s great for indoor
  • Double stitches interlock seams with rot proof thread.
  • Elastic cord front and back bottom hem for custom fit.
  • Zipper bag included for storage when not in use
  • Custom Fit

Warranty: 1 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Only.


1. Should I use an indoor car cover?

You should cover your car in the garage to protect it from external elements like dirt, falling debris, and moisture.

2. Are indoor car covers a good idea?

A breathable indoor car cover will keep moisture from settling on your vehicle, and will also prevent the trapping of moisture by allowing it to evaporate.

3. What if I can’t find my vehicle on your website?

If you cannot find your vehicle on our website, please utilize our contact us form or call (+91 63810 13451) with your make, model, year, and body type. We will use the information you provide to locate the perfect Car Covers for your vehicle. We will also add the cover to the website for future customers!

WARNING: Never use body cover on recently polished or heated car and use the cover in sunlight for at least a week before putting it to use in the rains.

We offer car covers all over India and we deliver within the shortest period regardless of where you live, with free shipping. Our covers have been well tested and proven that they can take any conditions, such as harsh weather, dust, and scratches. We are confident that you will love and be satisfied with what you get. Our goal is to help you save money while keeping your vehicle in the right shape. Best Car Covers in India

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