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What is Poly Tarpaulin?

What is Poly Tarpaulin? – Polyethylene Tarpaulin

Polyethylene tarpaulin or Poly tarp is a type of tarpaulin that uses woven strips of polyethylene plastic, bonded and laminated with sheets of the same material, making it strong and resilient. It is the most common plastic tarp on the market because it is inexpensive yet durable. Poly tarps can resist stretching, being exposed to the elements, and is waterproof.

The invention of the poly trap started in 1936 when polyethylene was invented by accident in Britain after scientists attempted to test ethylene with different chemicals under high pressure. Because polyethylene is such a versatile material, it became the most widely used type of plastic in the market. Polyethylene plastic dominated the plastic market, and almost everything, from shopping bags to plastic containers, is made from this material.

Polyethylene developed 40 years after its discovery, and in 1970, it was made into tarpaulins. Poly tarps are significantly compact, versatile, and flexible. Some poly tarps are treated against ultraviolet light, which dramatically increases their durability and lifespan. A typical poly tarp has a life expectancy of almost four years in temperate climates. However, in areas with hot climates like in Florida, In Arizona, Africa, California, and India, poly tarps tend to last one to two years.

Types of Poly Tarpaulin

There are different types of poly tarps in the market. Here are just a few.

Blue Poly Tarps

  • Blue poly tarps are the most popular kind of poly tarp.
  • They’re waterproof, and the edges are heat-sealed and reinforced with polypropylene rope.
  • These blue plastic tarps have aluminium grommets every six feet, so they can be tied down with precision.
  • Our Blue poly tarps can cover boats and outdoor equipment
  • Not just this but poly tarps are protecting the farm as well.

Hay Tarps

  • Hay tarps are specifically designed to protect hay crops.
  • These Hay tarps can cover bales or stacks of hay and other grass crops, protecting them from insects, moisture damage, and weather damage.
  • Hay tarps are silver on top to deflect harmful UV rays.

Shade Tarpaulin

  • As the name implies, shade tarps are used for shadings like in outdoor tents and such.

Clear Poly Tarp and White Poly Tarps

  • These poly tarp types are heavy-duty and used in many industrial needs.
What is Poly Tarpaulin? – Polyethylene Tarpaulin

Use and Benefits of Poly Tarps

For immediate help with debris clean up, shelter, covering of equipment and supplies related to natural disasters, industrial accidents, or general projects, using poly tarps will assist your efforts and mission. These durable, lightweight tarps have many uses and functions

These tarps come in a variety of sizes and colors. Depending on the size or type of job, they can be ordered in different mils of thicknesses as well. So regardless if you are dealing with clean-up and recovery efforts from recent earthquakes or tsunamis, these tarps will do the job nicely.

If you have an immediate need to quickly set up shelter, then these tarps will come in handy. Simply drive four stakes into the ground in the shape of a square or rectangle, depending on the size of the tarp, then attach the tarp using the tabs on the corners. These tarps are great for protection from wind, rain, snow, water, and other weather elements.

The poly tarps fold and store away easily. They can be easily kept on boats, in cars or trucks, in a garage, storage bins, supply closets, and any other space that can hold them. They are portable and very durable. This is a great feature because it allows you to use them over and over without the concern or fear of being ripped, torn, or getting ruined.

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