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Premium Silver Car Cover Waterproof

Premium Silver Car Cover Features


The Premium Silver car cover from Nellai Tarpaulin will do a great job in shielding your vehicle from the outdoor hazards, rain, like a bird dropping, sticky tree sap, and dust on a windy night. It is also highly breathable and will trap moisture under it, letting your car paint breathe and be rust-free. This outdoor car cover will hold its own against harsh weather, at the same time giving great protection to your car.

Outdoor Waterproof Car Cover

Cars that face the harsh Indian weather need all the protection they can get. The extremes of sunlight, heat, wind and torrential rain to which our vehicles are subjected make keeping our cherished investment looking great quite a challenge. To prevent the build-up of fallout and watermarks, you really need a weatherproof car cover for outdoor use.
However, a waterproof car cover will often damage a car’s paint in harsh heat such as in Perth. This is because the material doesn’t allow for any breathing, that’s why it’s important to get a waterproof car cover.

Car owners all over India can turn to Nellai Tarpaulin for the perfect car care solution. Our outdoor car covers are heavy to ensure that they don’t blow away and extremely durable to ensure minimal wear and tear. They protect your car from rain, dust, dirt, animal and bird droppings and can even give some protection from hail. Long-lasting and tough, your Nellai Tarpaulin will last you for many years.

Our Premium Silver Car Cover waterproof are made to order (you should allow about 7 working days for delivery). As well as being water repellent, our outdoor car cover fabric breathes, preventing the accumulation of moisture within the cover. To personalize your weatherproof car cover.


1. Prevent Flame Retardancy

Anti-small fire may be a large fire, not easy to burn

2. Waterproof

Waterproof material can withstand pressure and high-pressure water, even if its heavy rain

3. Bottom Elastic Band

Premium Silver Car Cove
The elasticity is large, so that car clothing is more close-fitting and windproof firm

4. The whole car is wrapped front and back

Whether the front or the back, the car wrap is very good

5. Dirty and Durable

Car Cover Silver
Both front and back, the car cover is very resistant to dirt


  • Custom Fit
  • Buckle on Cover
  • Double Stitched
  • Side Mirror Pocket
  • Weather Resistance
  • Long Lasting
  • Fine Quality
  • 100% Waterproof and UV Proof
  • Free Storage Bag

Designed to provide years of protection against the harsh effects, in any climate, of the sun. UV rays have a permanent effect on the paint and finish of your vehicle. With long-lasting strength and water resistance, these car covers defy color fading and resist rot due to extended exposure to the elements.


We guarantee to send the correct item for your vehicle. If we make a mistake, we gladly pay return shipping costs.


Each Car Cover is custom cut and sewn to your vehicle’s make, model, and year, therefore we cannot accept returns for Car Covers once an order has been placed.

WARNING : Never use body cover on recently polished or heated car and use the cover in sunlight for at least a week before putting it to use in the rains.

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