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Outdoor Car Covers vs Tarps

Advantages of Outdoor Car Covers vs Tarps

Advantages of Outdoor Car Covers vs Tarps,

Hands down, the best protection for your car is a garage. Garages protect your car from the elements when you’re not on the road. But many people don’t have access to a garage. For those people, the best option is a car cover. There are many more pros than cons to car covers. This is especially true in comparison to using tarps or no cover at all.

Most of us just park our cars outside. Over time, this can turn out to be disastrous. Moisture and ultraviolet rays can severely damage the exterior of an uncovered car. Bird droppings, sap, and pollen can also hurt your car’s finish. The sun’s rays aren’t just detrimental to the exterior, but can also destroy materials inside the vehicle over time.

Outdoor Car Covers vs Tarps

Advantages of Outdoor Car Covers vs Tarps

A standard tarp used for covering cars can be found at the hardware store. While certainly affordable, tarps come with a whole set of drawbacks. There are many thicknesses to choose from. Considering that the sun’s UV rays will break down all tarps, the thickness is a factor in how long they last.

Tarps can be used for many different purposes. When utilized to cover cars, though, there can be problems. They don’t usually fit a car’s shape very well. Because of this lack of fit, dust creeps under the tarp. Wind and dust together can lead to scratches on your vehicle. The tarp also blocks moisture but doesn’t allow it back out of the tarp. This can lead to mildew forming in and on your vehicle.

Car covers, on the other hand, are versatile. They fold for secure storage. They come in both indoor and Outdoor varieties plus fit your car better.

Ready-fit car covers made for your vehicle’s overall size and style are a good option. They cut down on wind flapping so that scratches and damage from dust will be lessened significantly. Custom fitted car covers are the best choice. They are suited to follow every contour of your vehicle. Wind flapping is virtually eliminated so that no related abrasions or scratches will result.

Why You Must Have a Custom Car Cover?

There really isn’t much of a comparison between tarps and car covers. Tarps will do little to protect your vehicle, and in fact, may cause more harm than good. Car covers, meanwhile, will guard your car from weather, dust and debris, UV rays, and minor damage. Car covers come in several variations, as far as fit.

When you shop with, you gain access to a selection of custom car covers that fit your vehicle perfectly. We use durable materials that allow the car to breathe while offering maximum protection from the elements. Thankfully, our options are also affordable, so you don’t need to take out a small loan to get the coverage you require. Join with Countless other happy customers that have protected their vehicles. Your car, truck, or SUV deserves more than a tarp standing between it and the world.

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  1. Claire Masters

    The weather has been getting harsher in the country these days so I’m looking for roller lids or covers I can use for my car. Thanks for mentioning that car covers can simply offer better protection, especially from scratches, dust, and UV rays. It would be nice to find one that perfectly fits my vehicle.

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